Maternity Chairs

A Bean2Bed bean bag is the ideal piece of living room furniture during your pregnancy and perfect as nursery furniture afterwards. Fantastic and convenient though they are please try to forget about the added bonus of the guest bed inside and let us explain more about using a Bean2Bed as a maternity chair and/or a breastfeeding chair.

Perfect Breastfeeding Chairs

Over the years we have had some wonderful feedback from mother's and mums to be about using our products as maternity furniture. Many customers are recommended our bean bags by their friends or discover us via website forums and maternity communities. Often we are noticed in the bedrooms of boutique hotels that we work with or in weird and wonderful ways, such as at a chain of coffee shops who host baby showers and breastfeeding clubs (usually at different times). Some find us on search engines looking for things like: breastfeeding chairs, baby furniture, kids furniture, maternity chairs and pregnancy chairs. Whichever way you came to find this page we're delighted that you found us and hope that we can get a Bean2Bed bean bag to you ASAP to make this exciting time of your life as comfortable as possible.

Maternity Chairs

During pregnancy 

Do you find it difficult to find a comfortable position to sit in?

Is your current sofa or living room furniture just too hard and rigid?

Are you struggling for space and easily accessible places around you to put your belongings and to save you getting up? 

After the birth

Whether you're a first time mother joining a breastfeeding club or a seasoned pro you can forget about the other baby feeding chairs out there now that you have discovered Bean2Bed.

But please don't just take our word for it, watch the videos below from two Bean2Bed customers sharing their experiences about our beanbags as a maternity chair and a breast feeding chair:




Breastfeeding Chair

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