Beanbags with a BIG difference!

Our beanbags don’t contain cheap Polystyrene beans. The filling we use performs dramatically better than ordinary Polystyrene. You don’t get that crazy see-saw effect as with an ordinary bean bag. No more feeling wedged in, rustling noises and messy leakage. If you’ve ever tried to clean up a load of polystyrene beads you’ll really appreciate not having to tackle it again… ever!

The CMHR foam we use is revolutionary. It moulds to the contours of your body, making it one of the most comfortable things you’ll ever sit on. And sleep on. There’s better support for your posture, your weight is distributed evenly and you don’t suffer painful pressure points. And your beanbag will never need re-filling. As the foam particles separate and air gets inside, the foam becomes even more plush and comfortable to sit and sleep on. How come? Air pockets form around the foam pieces, which gives them enough volume without adding density. Nice! Click here to see the full range and buy now!

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