Bean bags furniture solutions that do no harm

We buy the special filling we use from mattress manufacturers. Our high grade and memory foam is a by-product of manufacturing round-edged mattresses, the offcuts from the corners. So we save waste. Then we use high-tech industrial granulators to convert the top quality foam offcuts into suitable filling material.

We use safe, eco-friendly fire retardancy processes to treat our fabrics. And we buy all our fabrics in the UK, never from parts of the world where it’s legal to use harmful chemicals for treating or dying fabrics.

We take care of things on the home front too. As a business, we use as little paper as possible. We produce electronic purchase orders and invoices unless someone insists on paper. We discourage the use of our fax machine. We re-use all incoming envelopes, so please don’t be offended if we send you samples in a previously used one. We scan then recycle 100% of our post, and we never send direct mail. Click here to view all our beanbags bed products and place your order!

Click here to view all our beanbag bed products and place your order! 

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